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Monday, 2 May 2011

Rationalized Emotions...

When I decided to start blogging, my first resolution was to stay out as much as possible on topics or issues that involved romance and relationships as I strongly did or wrote about frequently for a couple of years on a particular social networking site. This is not to say that this facet of life isn't important or essential and will thus be churlish to say I couldn't stay out of this issue much longer.
Anyway, I recently got involved in a rather tricky situation; this actually happened to me. I found myself at the wrong end of a relationship simply because I thought emotions could be rationalized or made logical. Permit me to make my stance known. As a man, we often offer reasonable explanations for most things and always attempt to justify our behavior normally considered irrational or unacceptable by giving an apparently reasonable explanation as opposed to the feminine gender who take feelings over their cognitive thought process. This is not to say that women don't think before taking actions or something, they just merely put feelings over their thoughts.
The truth is feelings and emotions are not logical and can never be rationalized. A comprehensive understanding of this would put you ahead in your present or future relationships. It's therefore important to mention at this point that men have often thwarted this fact to gain control or a rather subtle understanding of women at some point.
Tell a man how u feel and he instantly takes it through his cognitive thought process in a bid to let the mind take charge and not the heart unlike the women. Overtime, Men have developed several ways to divert or stop major problems and do so more successfully in relationships. Little wonder they move on faster than the women when such breaks down.
Next time a woman tells you how she feels, don't be rational. Don't let your mind rule over your heart else you'll get to the wrong end of things. Women don't see situations as we do. You apply the mind over heart rule and you create an air of misunderstanding with your woman. QED.
Please permit me to stop my discussion on this matter here in obvious agreement with my resolution not to stay long on relationship issues as far as this blog is concerned. But in all, I hope you get my point fully, understand my stance and find this helpful.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Randomness of Creation

There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet.
Each one unique, different.
what are the chances of that and why?
Is it simply biology? Or physiology?
Or a God nature somewhere driving this differences?
Or just simply an occurrence with no explanation?

A collection of memories, thoughts, experiences that
carve out our own special place, or is it something more than these?
Perhaps there is a master plan that drives the randomness of creation,
something  unprincipled  that dwells in the soul and presents each one of us
with a unique set of challenges that will help us discover who we really are.

I believe in randomness. I believe in things happening with no definite cause.
I believe in creation. I believe in the all supremacy of God.
A difficult group of thought to belong to.

Believing in randomness sets u on a plinth that denies God as the creator of the universe.
It negates the proofs presented in the bible.
It gives us a rather unrealistic and haphazard explanation of the uniqueness and differences in everyone.
Yet while trying to support this line of thought, it is important to note that randomness till today has not really been conceptualized by any man living or dead. Hence, the need for a rethink.

We can take randomness to mean the non-existence of a physical way to predict with certainty the outcome of an observation. This of course does not exclude other factors that may influence the outcome. Hence a plausible result no one can explain making the differences noticed in humans unexplained and accepted with such an air of unpredictability. Hence the randomness of creation.
On the other hand, believing God is solely responsible for this difference makes him look like a tinker man; fiddling with things as he pleases. But how come he allowed these same humans he created to come with a freedom of choice. A choice to serve him or not.  To believe him or not. This must not be seen as a flaw but rather as things to be considered and treated with much more sensitivity. What implications does this free will of human beings have on us, on our chosen line of belief, plenty!

No matter how you see this, its important to note that I am not trying to deny the existence of a true God nor play down the magnanimity of randomness. I am only trying to draw a defining line.

God would never have brought about a flawed creation. The differences and uniqueness noticed only shows he created the universe in such a way that some things are unknowable. Nothing is random to God. All these just shows how powerful and supreme he is.

Randomness is just a scientific invention of humans. An invention of those who think they can come on level terms with God and understand his thought process. Truly, his ways are unsearchable.

Hence, the sovereignty of God is clear and nothing is open or by chance.
Nothing can be added or taken from it. God created all for His purpose and His glory alone.