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Monday, 2 May 2011

Rationalized Emotions...

When I decided to start blogging, my first resolution was to stay out as much as possible on topics or issues that involved romance and relationships as I strongly did or wrote about frequently for a couple of years on a particular social networking site. This is not to say that this facet of life isn't important or essential and will thus be churlish to say I couldn't stay out of this issue much longer.
Anyway, I recently got involved in a rather tricky situation; this actually happened to me. I found myself at the wrong end of a relationship simply because I thought emotions could be rationalized or made logical. Permit me to make my stance known. As a man, we often offer reasonable explanations for most things and always attempt to justify our behavior normally considered irrational or unacceptable by giving an apparently reasonable explanation as opposed to the feminine gender who take feelings over their cognitive thought process. This is not to say that women don't think before taking actions or something, they just merely put feelings over their thoughts.
The truth is feelings and emotions are not logical and can never be rationalized. A comprehensive understanding of this would put you ahead in your present or future relationships. It's therefore important to mention at this point that men have often thwarted this fact to gain control or a rather subtle understanding of women at some point.
Tell a man how u feel and he instantly takes it through his cognitive thought process in a bid to let the mind take charge and not the heart unlike the women. Overtime, Men have developed several ways to divert or stop major problems and do so more successfully in relationships. Little wonder they move on faster than the women when such breaks down.
Next time a woman tells you how she feels, don't be rational. Don't let your mind rule over your heart else you'll get to the wrong end of things. Women don't see situations as we do. You apply the mind over heart rule and you create an air of misunderstanding with your woman. QED.
Please permit me to stop my discussion on this matter here in obvious agreement with my resolution not to stay long on relationship issues as far as this blog is concerned. But in all, I hope you get my point fully, understand my stance and find this helpful.


  1. Understood! However, I am said to be "rational", even "academic", as opposed to the Heart-thinking persona a female is "supposed" to have, yet the Man still has issues with that. Arent we supposed to be on the same wave length then?

  2. Though often women are viewed as emotional i still believed that they are capable of handling situations wherein it needs logical thinking.

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